Private Company Events

Private Hiring Event

Sales Jobs Connect is a recruiting company that specializes in offering exceptional and reliable sales and technology
staffing solutions. As an expert in the field, we have held thousands of single and multiple company recruiting events for
sales professionals.

Our customized Single Company Recruiting Event makes the hiring process fast and seamless, without sacrificing
candidate quality. Our Single Company Recruiting Events are a hybrid of two services:

❖ A multi-company career fair
❖ Headhunting for hard to fill sales positions

At Sales Jobs Connect, our Account Managers and Screening team work hand-in-hand to set up an entire interview day full of
PREQUALIFIED and interested sales candidates specific to your needs. We offer employers the opportunity to interview
multiple professional candidates in a private face to face interview setting in one day. In addition, employers pay a flat fee regardless of the numbers of candidates hired!

Benefits For You:

➢ You choose the date that fits your schedule.
➢ Sales Jobs Connect will set up an initial conference call with our team and your staffs to ensure that the project goals are understood by all. Marketing, advertising, and screening will be completed by Sales Jobs Connect based on the direction and feedback provided by you.
➢ If you do not have a local office location, Sales Jobs Connect will secure a hotel with meeting space for the interview day.
➢ All sourcing and screening will be handled by Sales Jobs Connect. Very little interview time will be needed during the screening/interview process allowing your sales managers and/or recruiters to focus on other things.
➢ Using our expertise, Sales Jobs Connect will identify candidates that fit your hard requirements, and also candidates that may get passed over in the resume screening process because you don’t have time to phone screen “maybe” candidates.
➢ Candidates will fully understand the position, have an interest in the position, and be qualified for the position when you interview them.
➢ Hire one or all the candidates you interview for the same flat fee. You can even send us candidates from your database to screen for this position at no additional cost.